Emulating the brain’s mechanisms is the most difficult challenge ever faced by human beings. The feeling of being one step away from the goal obscures a path which remains long and full of surprises.

Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Data analysis is one of the most complex parts of the industry 4.0 ecosystem, which is why this expertise is still the domain of a few and requires significant investments. Many companies that have embarked upon this growth path have not yet reached the point of leveraging the data they’ve accumulated. The Sinaptica 4.0 Team has vast experience and skills in this area which allow it to provide its customers with tangible benefits.

Artificial intelligence delegated to the creation of predictive models and the clustering of heterogeneous groups projects our industry 4.0 imagery from science to science fiction.

Data pre-processing

Statistical analysis



Interactive graphics


User Interface


Artificial intelligence

Predictive models

Logistics and supply chain



Decision analysis

KPIs analysis

Goal setting

Decision-making models


   We create analysis models and forecast models that give you a clear picture of both what’s happening and what will happen in the corporate hemisphere. Having a clear vision allows you to make the right decisions. Today, business efficiency is no longer just a result of good entrepreneurial instincts; rather, it has become a scientific, tangible, measurable and, above all, reproducible fact.

The industrial world is now endowed with its own mind and is ready to independently satisfy our needs.

Advantages of using artificial intelligence:

Improvements to the managerial decision-making process

Reduction of management costse

Forecasting of future situations in the short and medium term

Improvements to the customer approach within a marketing context

Product quality improvements

Decreases in time-to-market

Improvements to security and data protection procedures

Reductions in failure cases and improvement of disaster recovery processes

Optimization of warehouse stock